Music on the quick #4.5

by Ben

I actually forgot to write the rest of this last night because it had been a bad day in general and night specifically. But now I’ve parachuted my daily heroin and so I’m totally ready to savage my keyboard. Also I flew through the Dallas airport a couple weeks ago so I’m fairly confident I have Ebola now. That or mild retardation. Time will tell.


20. Regardless of Me – Pleasures and Fear


Even though this the best track “Until I Die” is strongly reminiscent of The Moxy’s “Step Down” (except, you know, there’s 100% less of Bam Margera’s wrinkly cock all over it), Pleasures and Fear is fucking great. Usually I just listen to terrible crap so I can draw my own seedy conclusions and then barf it all over the internet along with a ton of butt and dick jokes, but sometimes I find something relatively-obscure which makes me listen to it over and over again. And plus, Pamela looks nothing like Greta, who is basically the sk8trgrrrrl version of Hayley Williams, except there she has 100% more of Bam Margera’s wrinkly cock all over her. Implying he would direct her video if she didn’t swallow several gallons of Bam’s Pennsylvania Special Sauce ™.

In any case, this album is something special (huehue). Pamela has a strong voice which carries the melodies over her male counterpart, who is grating at worst and tolerable at best. The aforementioned “Until I Die” along with “The Way You Are” and “Dispositions” are the preeminent offerings and are catchy as all hell. So is “Frozen.” And “Never Lose Myself.” Damn, the entire album is catchy as all hell.

It’s a rare type of LP which fails to have something bad on it. It’s even rarer where all but one are two are on my starred list and have been there for over a month. I play Hearts of Iron III for hours with this and The World Within playing on a loop, and it’s some of the happiest moments I’ve had in recent times. Heroin excluded. Just like heroin, though, Regardless of Me are among the best in their genre and are a solid addition to my playlist. And should be to yours too, unless you’re a cunt.

Conclusion: Please don’t be a cunt. 4.0/5.0


21. Regardless of Me – The World Within


HOLY SHIT THERE’S ANOTHER ONE? Yes, in fact, RoM have two albums, and it’s a task to determine which one is superior. It gets even better too, because they are both wildly different in terms of execution. Pleasures and Fear is far more aggressive and features the male growls with all implied menace, while The World Within borders somewhere between progressive metal, gothic, and trip hop, which makes little sense even to me.

“City of Glass” introduces the album and it’s an interesting baptism. Catchy, smooth, loud, with a dash of serenity for good measure. “No One Cares” follows it up with some depression and a huge injection of trip hopiness because why not. In all reality, I figure The World Within appeals to an immense spectrum of listeners because it’s so challenging to pin down exactly what the fuck it is. I really have no idea. Particularly when you factor in “Regardless,” which is an odd one (albeit awesome).

It’s a real shame the band gave their singer a swift kick in the ass. Their new one looks like a divine being took a normal face and then stretched it out by holding onto her ears and pulling as hard as possible. She still looks like she’d be interesting in bed, but I’ve watched some of their live shit with her in the lead and she’s not even in the same league as Pamela. Not even the same sport. Unless wearing cum for contact lenses is a sport, in which case she’s probably an all star.

Conclusion: Different, but in a good way. 4.0/5.0