Skrillex helps me concentrate

by Ben

I hate myself just as much as you hate me. Believe it.

Also, just by some accident, I was linked a song on Youtube and, as per uze, I paused so it could buffer while clicking to another tab. Apparently I didn’t pause it hard enough, because it went on playing and before I realized what was going on, my brain was actually being unmasked to Skrillex. I leapt for my Dubstep Exposure Emergency Kit, which includes a bottle of Everclear, two antacids, and a plunger, but then I heard lyrics which literally blew my mind and paused my hand mid-grab.

Here, I prepared a graphic instead of working:

And so now, apparently, I listen to Skrillex because it helps me concentrate on working. Unless I have the urge to make pointless gifs, in which case fuck it, no one can tell me what to do.

Except the collection agency, I suppose. But they can fuck right off.