Alizee makes me hard every time

by Ben

Well I haven’t stopped listening to music or trolling the internet, and I’ve recently had the pleasure (giggitty) of seeing Alizée Jacotey perform “J’en ai marre” …and I must say I’m enthralled. The song itself isn’t that great, but I -quite literally- want to put my man sausage in and around her face for extended periods of time. I’m amused so easily by this because, besides her insane level of hotness and massive boobs, watching her “dancing” and hand motions is more entertaining than playing with a monkey.*

*that’s a lie, I simply couldn’t think of a better metaphor

I’ve watched this video about two dozen times. It should be known that Blue Man Group is the best live show on the planet, bar none. Every human being should go see a show at one point in life; it is really that good. It’s a shame that Venus Hum is such a mediocre band by themselves (think Train) because Annette Strean has got some serious lung power. Perhaps find a new group to roll with?

I only wish I could be as awesome as EPIC Sax Guy. Seriously, I could try every day for the rest of my life to be as suave and manly as this dude, and I would fail miserably. It’s only made even better by Epic Electric Violin Guy and the nice cleavage shot at :30. It’s a shame that Olia sounds like shit performing live because it’s not that bad of a song in-studio. And once again, it proves how every single nation was robbed shitless by Lena’s bullshit win. Everyone with an ear knows that song gargles balls.