This youtube video makes me want to adopt an iguana

by Ben

User “megamayd” has, quite possibly, some of the most disturbing videos on Youtube; for example, this video demonstrates how grotesque and disgusting swallowing a cupful of one’s own spit truly is (and comments such as “i’ll spit with my dick in that cup” by TiredEBE make the experience even more pricelessly unforgettable) and reinforces the phrase “it can’t be unseen.” All the same, megamayd has an immensely-under appreciated short art video in “painting the city.” While I’m not entirely familiar with the chroma key technique in filmmaking, it doesn’t appear to be all that difficult. With or without degree of challenge or time spent in production, I can’t help but pitch a full tent when watching this video. Give it the attention it deserves [and please keep all erections away from my person].