This music video is more confusing than buttsex

by Ben

When watching this music video, the only thing I could think was a consistent “why haven’t I clicked off this yet?” I wasn’t really focused on the lyrics so much as the ungodly-catchy harmony and the ridiculous costumes. I’ve not seen anyone try to one-up Gaga this seriously before, but there is so much fail in this attempt that I couldn’t help but share it. Even better is the random infant at the finale, prompting another round of “what the shit did I just see’ exclamations. I’ll give Kelis this: it’s far better than ‘Milkshake.’ Then again, virtually everything this side of Eminem and Beyonce and the time I had my spine sliced open is better than that wretched track.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if it’s an electronic love ballad or homage to some long-lost African deity from the Underverse (five points for the film reference). Entertainment being the way it is, and digital media consuming every facet of daily life, I’m going to say it’s more than likely produced “for the lulz.” And by ‘lulz,’ I clearly mean ‘cash.’ Also, boobs. Yeah, boobs.