Caput Mundi soaks undergarments

by Ben

This is my first attempt ever at spoken word, which is poetry designed and written to be spoken and not read. If you read this out loud with rhythm -and refrain from stopping until punctuation, it will be a much better experience. And don’t take “poetry” to mean “gay,” because it’s not. One time I punched a lion in the mouth at the same time that I ascended Everest while feeling up Katy Perry with my endless collection of dicks. What have you done today?

I am a blur
I am a flash

My power lets me dash
sprint and slash
from left to right and clash
with the enemies who smash
and burn and make a splash
with the society of cash
that I call home; a thrashing
city of refuse and clashing
ideals which makes lashing
out around you an easy thing.

I am a phantom
I am a blur

a connoisseur
of fine things that were
and might still be; an entrepreneur
and a saboteur
I take to the streets and I prefer
to remain a mystery and transfer
my power to those around me.

I am a citizen
I am a protector

and savior
to my people and a spectre
to those who would drain the sweet nectar
of lifeblood from this sector
of time and space; I am a director
and inspector
I guide and I am invisible.

I am a ghost
I am a demigod

and I fight against the facade
and the ballade
that has become this city, shod
against the armies and the squads
of the strange and the odd
that call this city their home.

This is my city and the city of my people;
it is the roof of the world and the steeple
of the heavens. This is the city that does not sleep
and the city that does not weep
for it reaps
the rewards of the just and the righteous.

Urbs superum:
Caput Mundi, Motherfucker.